7 Top & Best Outdoor Griddle- Updated Review

Outdoor Griddle

The top & best outdoor griddle updated review gives you an insight into the best griddles which are trending in the market.If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love to be outside in your own backyard,along the pool, on the beach or camping outside. The griddle will give you a meal quickly without any hassle.

These griddles are durable and of solid construction as they are used outside and have to be resistant to outside elements. These griddles are easy to use.They have two to three burners that cook steaks, burgers , poultry ,potatoes or large piece of meat.It has 3 temperature zones hot, low and middle zone .They are easy to clean and work on gas so they can be transported any where.

All these feature of these griddles have been studied in great detail and the special attributes of the featured griddles have been enumerated to give an overall information about these griddles. Browse and select as per your needs.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Best Outdoor_ GriddleBlackstone Table top Outdoor GriddlePortable ideal for campingCheck Price On Amazon
Best_ Outdoor GriddlePIT BOSS Outdoor GriddleCast Iron GriddleCheck Price On Amazon
Best- Outdoor GriddleRoyal Gourmet Regal Outdoor GriddleGriddle plate made of ceramic coated steelCheck Price On Amazon
Best Outdoor Griddle RoundCUSINART Outdoor Griddle

Stainless steel Vented lid

Check Price On Amazon
Best Outdoor Griddle RoundChar-Griller Outdoor Griddle4 Completely individual cooking zoneCheck Price On Amazon
Best Outdoor- GriddleRoyal Gourmet  Outdoor Griddle4 , Adjustable cooking zonesCheck Price On Amazon
Best Outdoor Griddle Portable OT QOMOTOP Outdoor Griddle2, independently operated burnersCheck Price On Amazon

Best Outdoor Griddle

Best Outdoor_ Griddle

Dimension: 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches
Weight: 21 Pounds
Cooking Area: 265 square inches of cooking area
Special Feature: Portable ideal for camping tailgating.

Features :

1.Durability: The Blackstone Table Top Grill is a 17 inch portable gas griddle which is propane fueled. It is ideal for outdoor cooking when you are camping, tailgating or picnicking.

2. Cooking Area: This premium Blackstone griddle offers 260 square inches (15.25in x 17in) of heavy duty cooking surface for versatility and durability.

3.Even Heating Burners: The stainless steel “H” burner in the grill heats up fast. The “H” shape offers even heat distribution and fast cooking with a 12,000 BTU heat output for optimal cooking across the whole griddle.

4.Clean up: The outdoor griddle is very easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with a paper towel and it is ready to be used again. No fuss cooking allows you more time to enjoy the outdoors.

5. Storage: The Blackstone outdoor griddle is portable and can be easily carried in the hand.It can be stored easily with the griddle top upside down on top of the griddle body after use to save space.

  • H shaped burner for even heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to store
  • Heavy duty cooking surface.
  • The gas fuel has to be replenished
Best_ Outdoor Griddle

Dimension: 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches
Weight: 119.7 Pounds
Cooking Area:748 square inches of cooking surface
Special Feature: Cast Iron griddle

Features :

1.Durability: The Pit Boss outdoor Griddle gives you an enjoyment , convenience and versatility of cooking with a 4. 7mm Thick, Pre-Seasoned Griddle. It’s the perfect cooking appliance that can be used in your backyard or for outdoor camping trips. Whether you’re feeding a family of four or a party of 30 this is the right one for you.

2. Cooking Area: The griddle comes with a 4. 7mm thick pre-seasoned griddle top that gives 748 square inches of pre-seasoned cooking surface. The Griddle gives enough space and ease to make everything from scrambled eggs and pancakes to seared steak and fajitas.

3.Even Heating Burners: The four stainless steel burners give 62000-BTU of heat.It comes with easy push and turn ignition. The griddle has four burners as well as locking fold-to-cover shelves.There’s no better cooking tool to serve up what you want, where you want.

4.Clean up: The griddle has a front grease tray that offers easy, mess-free cooking and clean up.Just pour out the grease in a cup and clean.

5. Storage: The griddles can be easily stored with the folding legs and side-shelves offering a handy fold-and-go design. The 4 casters wheels ensure a quick mobility and it can be easily wheeled out anywhere in the backyard or along the pool.

  • 4.7mm thick pre-seasoned griddle top
  • Fold-to-cover side shelves for easier storage and transport
  • Handy fold-and-go design makes the griddle portable for any occasion
  • 62000-BTU stainless steel burners with easy push and turn ignition.
  • The propane gas tank has to be refilled or changed.
  • If cooking outside spare tanks are to be carried.

#3. Royal Gourmet Regal 2-Burner Gas Outdoor Griddle

Best- Outdoor Griddle

Dimension: 58.7 x 24.4 x 38.2 inches
Weight: 79 Pounds
Cooking Area: 486 sq. in. cooking area
Special Feature: Thick, flat griddle plate that is made of ceramic-coated steel.

Features :

1.Durability: It is easy and simple to make breakfast pancakes or delicious dinners with Royal Gourmet GB2000 26000-BTU Flat Top Propane Gas Grill Griddle. It has a thick, flat griddle plate which heats up quickly and thus cooks faster.

2. Cooking Area: The Royal gourmet outdoor griddle has a spacious cooking space of 22.4″ L x 21.7″ W, 486 square inches cooking area in total. An enhanced glossy ceramic-coated griddle top heats up quickly. The Fixed side table provides ample space for food preparation.

3.Even Heating Burners:The griddle comes with powerful heating system . The unit has 2 independently controlled stainless steel tube burners with 13,000 BTUs each. A total of , 26,000 BTUs cooking power. The Electronic ignition systems offer a reliable spark at every simple push for a quick startup.

4.Easy to Clean :The griddle offers a no fuss clean up system. Efficient grease management system facilitates easy and effortless cleanup with large, removable grease cup that collects grease from dripping for quick and easy removal.

5. Added Features: The added feature of the griddle include a lower hanging bar with 4 adjustable hooks to keep your grilling accessories within arm’s reach, 2 large caster wheels with brake system that allow for easy movement.

  • Enhanced glossy ceramic-coated griddle top heat up quickly.
  • 2 independently controlled stainless steel tube burners with 13,000 BTUs each
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Efficient grease management system.
  • The griddle would be heavy to move around easily even with wheels.

# 4.CUISINART CGG-888 Round Outdoor Griddle

Best Outdoor Griddle Round

Dimension: 31.75 x 40.13 x 43.63 inches
Weight: 60 Pounds
Cooking Area: 22″ Diameter cooking center
Special Feature: 360° grease pan & rear grease cup, for easy access & Clean-Up

Features :

1.Durability:The exciting Cuisinart 22-inch two-burner griddle is ideal for cooking at home for a restaurant-quality food at home. It features a cold-rolled steel cooking surface, and two burners that give maximum control for managing cooking zones.

2. Cooking Area: The Cuisinart outdoor griddle gives you cooking versatility with a 22 inch diameter round cooking area.It comes with a stainless steel lid with vent which gives you a flexibility to roast, steam, bake or smoke foods, and keep them warm after cooking is finished.The folding prep table comes equipped with a paper towel holder underneath.

3.Even Heating Burners: The outdoor griddle has two Independent Burners with two burner controls which will help you manage 30,000 BTUs of heat, so you can create hot and cold cooking zones with temperatures ranging from 200° to 550°.

4.Grease Management: The oversized 360 degree grease pan naturally funnels grease to the grease cup for easy clean up.A grease pan surrounds the perimeter of the griddle, so oil and debris can be scraped away in any direction to drain into the removable grease cup for easy clean up.

5.Added Feature:The handy fold-away side prep table has an integrated paper towel holder that makes it’s easy to keep the prep area clean, and the vented cover lets you fry, steam, roast, smoke, or keep foods warm.The unit is easy to assemble with an assembly time of 30 minutes.

  • 2 independently controlled burners 30, 000 BTUs
  • Control hot and cool zones on griddle surface
  • Oversized 360 degree grease pan funnels grease to the grease cup for easy clean up.
  • Stainless steel lid with a vent .
  • Limited space for cooking large batches.

#5. Char-Griller Flat Iron Outdoor Griddle

Best Outdoor Griddle Round

Dimension: 21 x 63 x 37 inches
Weight: 140 Pounds
Cooking Area: 775 square inches of flat iron griddle
Special Feature: 4 completely individual cooking zones

Features :

1.Durability: The Char-Griller Flat Iron Gas Griddle is the ultimate backyard tool. Equipped for versatility and control it is made with a heavy gauge steel griddle top that gets better with every cook.The Char-Griller Flat Iron Gas Griddle lets you cook any meal, any time, anywhere.

2. Cooking Area: The Griddle has a cooking surface of 775 square inches.It has a quick electronic ignition on each burner. This griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can cook eggs, pancakes, burgers, and anything else you can think of on this Flat Iron Griddle.

3.Even Heating Burners: The Griddle offers a precision temperature control . It has Four Independent cooking zones with low to high-temperature settings providing flexible cooking options. Adjustable heat zones make it easy for the versatile cooking surface where you can cook several foods at once and not burn a thing. It also allows for an option to keep certain foods warm while others are cooking.

4.Grease Management: An improved grease management in this Char-Griller is super simple to clean, making cleanup easy so you can focus on enjoying your delicious meal.

5. Easy portability:The outdoor griddle has Four strong Caster wheels for mobility out of which Two are Lockable. It makes it easy to wheel around your yard or transport anywhere. It also has Folding legs and side shelves for portability.

  • Four Independent cooking zones with low to high-temperature settings
  • Folding legs and side shelves
  • Four strong Caster wheels out of which Two are lockable
  • Heavy gauge steel cooktop.
  • The gas for the griddle has to be refuelled.
Best Outdoor- Griddle

Dimension: 61 x 23.6 x 38 inches
Weight: 121.7 Pounds
Cooking Area: 792 Square inches of cooking space,
Special Feature: 4 Burner propane griddle

Features :

1.Durability: The Royal Gourmet GB4001 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle Has a Durable Stainless-steel Control Panel. It has a thick, flat griddle plate that measures 36’’ L x 22’’ W, a total area of 792 sq. in surface that is perfect for outdoor BBQ parties.

2. Cooking Area: The Griddle has a cooking area 792 square inches surface. It has an expansive Pre-seasoned flat top griddle plate with 4.5 mm thickness.It has large surface area for your large cooking needs.You can easily cook eggs, pancakes, steak, rice, teriyaki style foods.The Griddle plate with pre-seasoned surface is equipped with side handles,which is easy to remove for cleaning.Fixed side tables hold on multiple seasonings with stable construction.

3.Powerful Burners: The Griddle has powerful Four individually controlled burners that generate a total of 52000 BTUs of heat. The burners deliver even heat distribution and create four adjustable cooking zones.The powerful stainless-steel tube burners put out overall 52000 BTUs, allowing you cook various foods at a desired heat. The griddle has electronic ignition that lights up with a simple push of the ignition button, burners will spark up and heat fast. Choose either one you want for large or smaller use.

4.Grease Management: The griddle has a detachable oil cup which can be simply removed with the help of a convenient side handle. The large open mouth collects oil drippings, and extra fixing system enables it to stay firmly in place.After grilling, you can remove the griddle with a grasp of its side handles. Detach oil cup that collects grease from dripping for fast and easy cleanup.

5.Open Cart Design and Secure Footing: The griddle has a simple look and is lightweight thanks to the open cart design.Easily wheel it around your yard with four durable caster wheels. Brake system provides secure footing on the ground, when you are using the griddle.Hang your towels within arm’s reach while grilling with hooks provided.

  • 4 Stainless-steel Tube Burners with 13,000 BTUs Each
  • Durable Stainless-steel Control Panel
  • Upgraded Electronic Ignition System
  • Detachable Grease Cup with Large Capacity.
  • The propane tank may need to be refilled.

# 7.OT QOMOTOP Gas Outdoor Griddle

Best Outdoor Griddle Portable

Dimension: L18” x W15.5” x H9”
Weight: 23.54 Pounds
Cooking Area: 281 Square inches of cooking area
Special Feature: Flat top grill with front grease trap.

Features :

1.Durability:-QOMOTOP Tabletop Gas Griddle is Fabricated from 3 mm cold-rolled steels and 3 steel bars are attached at the bottom to ensure the grill top keeps a flat shape while heated. It provides even heat distribution for optimal cooking across the whole griddle.

2. Cooking Area:- QOMOTOP Tabletop Gas Griddle has 282 in.² cooking area in which it is possible to cook about 9 hamburgers or 9 pancakes or 12 eggs at the same time.

3.Even Heating Burners: The griddle has 2 independently operated burners that provide a total of 17,000 BTU of heat which ensures quick heating. It has enough space for a dinner of 2-4 people.

4.Grease Management System:The outdoor griddle comes with an integrated Grease Management System that allows to collect extra grease to the built-in grease box by griddle scraper. High brightness stainless steel front plate and big pentagonal chrome knobs are designed for easy operating and erasing stains.

5. Portability and Conversion: The Griddle allows connecting with 1 LB tank (not included) or 20 LB tank (not included). The hose and conversion kits are included that make conversion easy. The griddle is lightweight and portable hence it can be easily taken to the tailgate, camp site, or anywhere culinary creativity is needed.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-deformation Surface
  • 2 independent burners provide even heat distribution.
  • Capacity Convertible with included hose.
  • The griddle has limited capacity for a single batch.

Conclusion :

The best outdoor griddle review gives you a snapshot of the best features of the brands available.The Outdoor griddles are of three types depending on their usage.The table top griddles are ideal for outside use as they are compact with two burners. The second type are the transportable griddles which come with the wheels and can be easily moved any where.The third type are the built-In variety which are used in large kitchens and cottages during the cold weather.The main factors to take into account while buying one are the number of people you are cooking for, the cooking surface,the fuel source, durability and the functions you need it for. All these factors have been clearly stated to give a wholesome information.So go through the list and choose.

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