7 Best Barbecue Smoker 2020 – Unbiased Review

Best Barbecue Smoker

Barbecue is most sought after outdoor activity. The tender juicy meat smoked over a low slow charcoal fire is one most of the foodies desire. Our best barbecue smoker review gives you a distinct picture of the various Barbecue smokers. These smokers are made keeping in mind the tastes of persons who still like to do a traditional cookout with slow cooking over charcoal.

Some of the smokers are portable and can be easily folded and taken out with you for camping, picnic beach party tailgating etc. design. The smoker are selected on the basis of their functionality, engineering, and quality of materials. The smokers are listed here with their features and positive and negative aspects. It would be to your advantage to check these out before you decide on the final purchase. Choose and have a super perfect Barbecue Party. Don’t forget to check out our best electric smoker 2020.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Barbecue SmokerBarbecue Smoker and GrillRotatory  GrillCheck Price On Amazon
Barbecue Smoker GrillSteel Mountain Barbecue Smoker100% GrillCheck Price On Amazon
Barbecue Smoker OutDoorCJVJKN Barbecue SmokerPortableCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal Barbecue Smoker by YAXuan


Check Price On Amazon
Barbecue Smoker and GrillLarge BBQ Charcoal Smoker2 sided storage TaitaiCheck Price On Amazon
Barbecue Smoker Outdoor GrillYAXuan BBQ Portable SmokerThermometer for precise temperature controlCheck Price On Amazon
Barbecue Smoker &GrillPremium BBQ SmokerWarming Shelf IncludedCheck Price On Amazon

Best Barbecue Smoker 2020


Dimension: 105×51.5×80 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Cooking Area: 10551.580 cm
Energy Source: Charcoal
Special Feature: Rotating grill and temperature display with vent design.

Features :

1.Portable: The barbecue Smoker is portable Light weight and is ideal for a get together with friends or families. You can a diacritic taste of a genuine smoked meat with most original juicy flavor.

2.Air Vents: This barbecue charcoal grill has a number of vents that can be adjusted to allow good air flow, allowing charcoal to burn efficiently and food to cook faster.

3.Useable Lid: It is a paste grill with rotating grill. The lid can be used for baking large food. It is ideal for outdoor camping, backpacking, picnics, parties, trailers, beach, meets your desire for smoky, grilled flavor and smoking meats.

4.Dust Free Ash Trap: The Smoker is easy to assemble .the detachable grill and ash trap that is dust free are easy to clean.

  • Rotating grill, with vent design, suitable for whole chicken barbecue.
  • Pulley design, easy to move.
  • Multiple racks for convenient seasoning, food, charcoal, tools, etc.
  • temperature display.
  • The Smoker uses charcoal which is a recurring cost.

#2. Steel Mountain BBQ barbecue Smoker, -100% complete Grills

Barbecue Smoker Grill

Dimension: 47 x 20 x 45 inches
Weight: 84 pounds
Cooking Area: 538 SQIN
Energy Source: Charcoal
Special Feature: 100% Complete grill.

Features :

1.Simple to Use: These grills are simply awesome. It gives Some of the best cooking results, at a fraction of the price. Simple to use and no breakable electronics. Supreme ability to regulate temperature with convection effect.

2. 100% Grill: The Steel mountain Grill And Smoker 100% complete Grill. It has stainless Steel Shelves for keeping a variety of meats for Grilling. The Shelves are removable for a large size of meat.

3. Professional Result: Due its Simplistic design it is a no nonsense Smoker just fill it with Charcoal and arrange the meat and you are good to go.

4. Interchangeable Racks: The interchangeable racks allow for more meat at the same time. They can be pulled out for cleaning easily. A temperature Dial on the front door allows you to monitor the inside temperature

  • Simple to use
  • Professional results
  • Almost unbreakable
  • Simple design, easy maintenance
  • Interchangable designs
  • The grilling area is not small enough for a small cook out.

#3. CJVJKN Barbecue Smoker -Folding Portable

Dimension: 45x 32cm Main Barbecue Area
Weight: 4.5 kg
Cooking Area: 38.7x 19.5 cm
Energy Source: Charcoal
Special Feature: Portable, ideal for camping trips.

Features :

1.Ideal For Picnic and Camping: This unique portable Barbecue Smoker is ideal for a camping trip, picnic barbecue or any other kind of outdoor activity.If you are planning a cookout on the beach simply pack it throw in charcoal packets and you are ready to enjoy a delicious smoked meat.

2.Portable and Durable: The stove is made from stainless steel and is electroplated for a durable and long lasting use. The legs can be easily folded and stored conveniently.

3.Lid Design: The lid design makes it easy to open and place the meat and easily flip over. You can roast the meat without getting burnt.

4.Excellent Ventilation: It has stereo ventilation with adjustable damper. The handle is anti scalding with safe insulation.

  • Portable mobile pulley for easy travel
  • Double-mesh design, independent carbon-mesh grill,
  • Top vents, automatically adjustable vent sizes.
  • The Smoker has a limited Capacity.
  • It can be used only for a small cookout.

Dimension: 63 × 29 × 46.5cm
Weight: 30 kg
Cooking Area: 108X64X96cm
Energy Source: Charcoal
Special Feature: Durably made fromThickened cold rolled steel.

Features :

1.Thick Insulation: The thickened cold rolled steel of 1.1mm makes the Smoker durable and long lasting.It provides a good insulation so that the heat doesn’t escape thereby maintaining the inside temperature for perfect cooking. It is resistant to temperature upto 600 degrees.

2.Perfect For An Outdoor Cookout: The best choice for a barbecue party: choose this best and perfect gift, barbecue, picnic, trailing, camping or terrace, indoor, outdoor party, travel, park, beach, wild night with your friends and family. Enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere! at any time! It will make your life safer, healthier, more convenient and faster.

3.Extra Shelf in the Lid: The Extra shelf in the lid makes it easier to add extra meat when cooking for more people.The size of the sheves are 33 × 32cm (side) 65 × 25cm (front).It is made from food grade stainless steel.

4.Easy to Clean: The grills are cleaned easily after scraping off the ash.

  • Thickened cold rolled steel to ensure thAT THe furnace is durable.
  • Charcoal height adjustment control the appropriate temperature.
  • Double-mesh design, independent carbon-mesh grill,
  • Top vents, automatically adjustable vent sizes
  • The Smoker is heavy to move around easily.
  • It can be used in the backyard.

#5. Large Premium BBQ Charcoal Smoker -Outdoor Patio Grills

Dimension: 48 x 22 x 51 inches
Weight: 84 pounds
Cooking Area: 700 SQ IN
Special Feature: 8- in 1 versatility.

Features :

1.Adjustable: This dynamic charcoal grill is completely adjustable in terms of height so that it gives comfort to the chef.

2.Simple indirect Grilling: A Large internal height, Two-tier grill rack and smooth-action lid makes indirect grilling simple.

3.Easy to Monitor thermometer: Easily monitor the temperature inside your cooking grill with the built-in lid thermometer and know exactly when to add more charcoal An Inclusive warming rack inside hood keeps the food warm and stainless steel handle that lift and closes the lid to gain optimum heat temperature.

4.Special Feature: The special feature of the Smoker are Vents for complete control, utensil hooks, beer bottle opener and lower shelf for storage – make this outdoor gourmet grill the ideal BBQ companion!

5. Side Shelves: The two side shelves are ideal to store your pants and extra cooking implements during the smoking.

  • Double moving pulley
  • Temperature control,Thermometer display
  • Large area of production area
  • 2 side storage Taitai
  • Vent for easy control.
  • The Smoker is heavy to move around easily even with wheels.
  • It can be used in the backyard only.

# 6. YAXuan BBQ Grill Portable -Barbecue Smoker

Dimension: 108 x 123.5 x 55.3 cm
Weight: 25.25 kg
Cooking Area: 61 x 41 cm
Energy Source: Charcoal
Special Feature: Thermometer for precise temperature control

Features :

1.Chimney Design: The smoker has a chimney designed in such a way that it doesn’t run Smoke.

2.Adjustable Vent Switch: The vent switches are freely adjustable so that the firepower could be easily controlled by you.

3.Easy to clean net: The grilled are coated so that the food does not stick to it while cooking.

4. Included Accessories: The accessories which are included with smoker are 100 disposable gloves, 50 bamboo sticks, 2 garbage bags,1 oil brush, 6 stainless steel needles, 2 forks, one roll of tin foil.

5. Gift: It is the best choice to gift to family and friends which they will appreciate.

  • Chimney design is such that no smoke comes out
  • The vent switch is freely adjustable
  • Grilled net is such that the food does not stick to it easily
  • Sufficient height there is no need to bend over
  • The Smoker is heavy to move around easily.
  • It can be used in the backyard.
  • It will not be able to cater for large gatherings only between 4 to 6 person.

# 7.Large Premium BBQ Smoker -Charcoal Grill

Dimension: 51 x 47 x 22 inches
Weight: 170 pounds
Cooking Area: 692 SQ IN
Special Feature: Dual Controller Technology.

Features :

1.Easy To Use: With charcoal grill, you can prepare delicious food quickly and easily. Whether you want to grill meat and vegetables in a classic way, or want to try fruits or other delicious dishes on the grill, the quality charcoal grill is the perfect companion.

2.Enameled Iron Wire Shelf: The Smoker has 1pcs, 57×42.5cm, enameled wire shelf and 1pcs, 53.5X24.5cm iron wire shelf.

3.Bottom Shelf: The Barbecue Smoker comes with a bottom shelf of 61x 37.5 cm which is handy to keep pots and pans as well as other accessories.

4.Double layer damper: Double-layer fan-shaped damper: adjust the amount of air entering, control the amount of firepower.

5.Dual Temperature Display: The unit comes with a Professional thermometer that gives a dual temperature display of Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • A dual control Alpha smoke technology.
  • Accessories include a cover and an extra rack.
  • Safety cutoff temperature feature.
  • A 20lbs Hopper capacity.
  • It is too Big to be portable
  • Does not offer a Bluetooth connectivity.

Conclusion :

A multiple configurations of the smokers have been listed above because smokers and grills are not one of products, where one would suit every one. If you and your family love the taste of smoked BBQ, then you’ll go for a Barbecue Smoker. Vertical Barbecue smokers are especially great at maintaining moisture in food, creating a smoky flavor, as well as saving space on your backyard.

If you need one with all in one functionality which will not only slow-smoke meats but also grill burgers and steaks, then a Barbecue Smoker is the one for you. The Barbecue Smokers should be selected on the basis of their value, durability and performance. The Best features of Smokers are listed for your evaluation and purchase.

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