7 Best Smoker Grill Combo – Reviews With Buyer’s Guide

Best Smoker Grill Combo

Grilling and Smoking of food is a part of Cuisines all over the World. In the Best Smoker Grill Combo Buyers Guide we bring to you the features of these Combos which will give an idea about their unique aspects. This will help in your choice of the best available Smokers as per your needs.

Grilling involves using high heat whereas Smoking is a slow and low heat process. The combo are in demand as the popular choice due there Dual functions of Grilling and Smoking in one unit. It saves on buying multiple appliances for different uses. The Smoker Combo also gives an added benefit of using one smoker for different types of cooking. Select and enjoy the fun of a cookout with family and friends. Don’t forget to check our best electric smoker for your kitchen.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Smoker Grill ComboSNS Grills Smoker ComboKamado Style GrillCheck Price On Amazon
Smoker_Grill ComboPK Outdoor Smoker Grill ComboPatented 4 Point Venting SystemCheck Price On Amazon
Smoker-Grill ComboCamp Chef Grill & SmokerDual Meat Probe And LED DisplayCheck Price On Amazon
Smoker Grill-ComboYSYDE Grill & Offset Smoker

Adjustable Charcoal pan

Check Price On Amazon
Smoker and Grill ComboZ Grills Smoker Grill Combo8-in-1 VersatilityCheck Price On Amazon
Smoker Grill Combo PortablePK Charcoal Grill And SmokerPortableCheck Price On Amazon
Smoker Grill_comboBigHorn Smoker and Grill6-in-1 VersatilityCheck Price On Amazon

A Buyers Guide to Best Smoker Grill Combo

#1 SnS Grills Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado -Charcoal Grill Ceramic Smoker

Dimension: 30 x 55 x 48 inches inches
Weight: 250 pounds
Cooking Area: 22” Two-Zone Cooking Grate
Special Feature: Kamado Style Grill.
Power Source: Charcoal And Wood

Features :

1.Kamado Style Grill: It has thick insulated wall and excellent heat retention. It has one zone cooking environment where coal is placed on the lower portion of the cooker and the food is placed on the upper cooking grate.

2.Turbo Slow Technology: This type of technology uses the greater airflow for maintaining the temperature that results in the smokier meat.

3.Two zone Cooking: It has a dedicated two zone cooking with creation of direct and indirect zone.

4.True Searing: The true searing capability results from the direct heat from burning coals. The coals can be directly accessed from the grate level.

  • Large Cooking Area
  • 2 Zone cooking
  • Easy access to coal
  • Turbo Slow Technology
  • It is heavy so difficult to move around.

#2. PK Grills PK360 Outdoor, -Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combination

Dimension: 23x54x43 inches
Weight: 69 pounds
Cooking Area: 360 square” of marine grade stainless steel cooking surface,
Special Feature: Patented 4 point venting system.
Power Source: Charcoal

Features :

1.Aluminium Body: The PK 360 Smoker Grill has been asthetically designed.Its Cast Aluminium grill capsule is durable and light. The unit comes witha pedestal stand and expansive work space with accessories like rear stabilizer hooks and lock/release hinges makes it perfect for outdoor cooking.

2.Tel-Tru Thermometer: The Smoker grill comes with the best in class thermometer from Tel-tru, which is accurate to +/- 1%.

3.4 – Point Venting system: The 4 point venting System makes management of temperature inside the grill much easier. It gives an excellent hot and fast (Grilling) as well as low and slow cooking (Barbecue).

4.Ash Management: A unique ash management solution which controls ash within the cook chamber and makes clean-up and disposal easy.

  • Patented 4 point venting system.
  • Rust proof and durable.
  • Maintains Exact temperature.
  • Tel-Tru thermometer to measure the internal temperature.
  • The temperature may not be constant during the indirect cooking.
  • Difficult to clean

#3. Camp Chef SMOKEPRO SGX 36 -Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Dimension: 52 x 25 x 43.5 inches
Weight: 177 pounds
Cooking Area: 875 sq-inch Rack and 4675 Cubic Inches Grilling Area
Special Feature: Dual Meat Probes and Dual LED Temp Readout.
Power Source: Wood Pellets

Features :

1.Simple Cooking: The Camp chef SG pellet grill is perfect for anyone exploring the idea of ditching their gas grill for something that simply cooks better.

2.Slide and Grill Feature: This feature allows for easy switching between direct and indirect heat depending upon what you are cooking at that time.

3.Dual Meat Probes and LED Temperature Display: The Dual Meat probe lets you use the smoker for multiple meals at once, the LED Display gives the correct inside temperature at any given moment.

4.Patented Ash clean out: The patented ash cleaning cups makes cleaning up after use very easy. You just have to twist the cup and dump the ash into the trash bin and it is good to use again.

  • Electric Auto-Igniter,
  • Automatic Auger,
  • Dual Meat Probes and Dual LED Temp Readout
  • Patented Ash and pellet hopper Clean-out.
  • Caster wheels are flimsy to hold the legs

# 4.YSYDE Royal Gourmet Charcoal -Grill and Offset Smoker

Dimension: 40.32 x 41.05 x 21.66 inches
Weight: 152 pounds
Cooking Area: 875 sq-inch  
Special Feature: Cooking chamber is designed with adjustable charcoal pan for better heating.
Power Source: Charcoal

Features :

1.Combination Function: Combination charcoal grill and smoker is Not only good for cooking a smoky flavor, but also allows roasting a side dish like corn or vegetables for the vegetarians in the family. The Porcelain-Coated cooking grates are perfect for evenly heating.

2.Lid Mounted Temperature: The temperature gauge is mounted on the lid which offers convenience to control the grilling temperature.

3.Adjustable fire grate: The Adjustable fire grate makes it easy to tend charcoal without removing entire grates,Easy to dump ashes.

4.Combination of offset Smoker and groove design: This is the most attractive feature that combines offset smoker with groove design that ensures sealing performance of the side smoker box, better to heat up.o

  • Two rolling wheels for easy movement
  • The top lid is assembled with a thermometer which is easy to read
  • Wooden handles effectively prevent you from being burnt.
  • It is not large enough for a big gathering.

#5. Z GRILLS 700 sq inch -Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Dimension: 54 x 29 x 53 inches
Weight: 133 pounds
Cooking Area: 1060 Sqin
Special Feature: 8-in-1 Versatality.
Power Source: Wood Pellets

Features :

1.Large Cooking Area: A large cooking area of 1060 sq inch and a 3 layered grill space makes this Smoker a workhorse than cook a wide range of meats from a dozen racks of ribs to a small whole hog. The cooking area includes a 432 cooking area,374 warming area & 255 sqin warming area.

2.8-in-1 Versatility: This workhorse offers you a variety of cooking you can-grill smoke bake roast braise sear char-grill barbecue it also functions like an oven so it can bake foods like pizza, biscuits, and corn bread.

3.Precision temperature control: The auto igition function is operated from the digital board that ignites the wood pellets and allows you to set temperature between 180 F to 450 F.

4.Wood Pellets Fueled: The Smoker is Fuled by 100% wood pellet.Put enough pellets into the hopper then, turn the dial to any temperature mode, enjoy the wood faver food with your family. 20lb pellets can be used for 15 hours while stay at smoke dial.

  • 8-in-1 versatility-grill smoke bake roast braise sear char-grill barbecue
  • Precise temperature control
  • Auto ignition
  • 3 years warranty.
  • The Grill is not compact to take around with ease it can be used only in the Backyard.

# 6. PK Grills SSB-X Portable Aluminum -Charcoal Grill and Smoker

Dimension: 48 x 19.2 x 38 inches
Weight: 56 pounds
Cooking Area: 300 square inches of cooking surface
Special Feature: Portable, folds down for easy transport.
Power Source: Charcoal

Features :

1.Unique Shape: The PK grill is made from cast aluminum for durability and light weight. A unique capsule shape makes it easy for smoking and grilling Both.

2.Light Weight: The Smoker Body is made from cast aluminium which is rust-proof, durable, lightweight and conducts heat 4x more efficiently than Steel Charcoal grills.

3.Portabality: Being light weight it can be easily taken any where. Just fold and put a bag of Charcoal and transport it anywhere. An useful appliance to take to Beach, camping, fishing, hunting or tailgating.

4.Cooking Area: The Smoker has a large cooking area of 300 sq inch which enables the grill to handle a variety of meats from Brats to Thanks Giving turkey.

  • Durable side shelf with cup holder
  • Portable folds down for easy transport
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • PK Grills are covered against rust, burnout or breakage for a full decade.
  • The Smoker does not have a large enough cooking area for big gathering.

# 7.BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pellet - Grill & Smoker

Dimension: 43 x 20 x 45 inches
Weight: 107 pounds
Cooking Area: 700 Square Inch Grilling Area
Special Feature: 6-in-1 Versatility.
Power Source: Wood Pellets .

Features :

1.6-in-1 Versatility: The Smoker gives you a 6-in-1 Versatility. You can easily grill smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food to juicy perfection.

2.Large Cooking Area: The Smoker grill comes with large cooking area of 700 sq inch this can cook 3 chickens,6 racks of ribs or 20 burgers at the same time.

3.Digital Control settings: The Smoker comes with a professional digital auto temperature control & real-time LED temperature display allows for you to simply set your grill temperature and let it go to work.

4.Durable Construction: The Grill comes with a durable and powerful steel construction, adjustable smokestack Damper and folding surface shelf to accommodate a variety of meat shapes.

  • 700 Square Inch Grilling Area
  • Digital Controller for Precise Temperature Setting
  • Folding Surface Table
  • 3 S Shape Hooks for Hanging Your Grilling Tools.
  • It is too Big to be portable
  • Does not offer a Bluetooth connectivity.

Useful Tips for Operating Smoker Grill Combo:

1. The Most essential aspect specially for the beginners is to refer to the instruction Manual for the initial firing guidelines.

2. In case the Grill runs out on the fuel whether wood pellets or Charcoal and you don’t have extra please turn the grill OFF.

3. Start your grill with ON Smoke with the door open.

4. After you have finished cooking,set the temperature to Shutdown cycle position. This will ensure that any excess fuel in the Smoker is burnt out. After the fan runs for 10 minutes the controller will switch off and the fan will stop running.

Conclusion :

WE have listed the Best Smoker Grill Combo available. Their distinct and exclusive features have been listed. The Best buy would be as per your need and Budget. If you are interested in an all in one variety we have listed these as well. Before doing a final selection it would be prudent to check out the different Smoker along with their manufacturers and Brand authority. 

In our review section you will find a range of Smokers with a comprehensive overview of their features. If you are a beginner you could Browse through our Best Electric Smoker and Best Gas Smoker reviews for a outlook on different kinds of Smokers.

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