7 Best Charcoal Smoker 2020 – Quick Review

Best Charcoal Smoker

The Best Charcoal Smoker gives you a quick review on the range of Charcoal Smokers that are in High Demand. Since Ancient times food has been cooked over charcoal. It gives a smoky flavor to the Meat and retains juices and nutrients as well. The Charcoal Smoker is one of the most valued outdoor cooking appliances that is the pride of every Household. If you want the authentic taste of smoky flavored Meats then this is the right one for you.

Its exclusive aspect is the original flavor which is due to the Burning of Charcoal. To use this Smoker you should be knowing how to light a charcoal fire as well as tending to it for getting a constant temperature. It should not overheat as if the temperature is high the meat would not cook from inside. We are giving a quick overview of the best electric smokers that will assist you in choosing the one best suitable as per your requirement.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Charcoal SmokerEverdure Charcoal SmokerBluetooth ConnectivityCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal Smoker GrillPrimo Ceramic Charcoal SmokerKamado GrillCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal Smoker PortablePK Charcoal Grill & SmokerDual Zone CookingCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal -SmokerBackWoods Charcoal Smoker

Reverse Flow Design,Economical

Check Price On Amazon
Charcoal Smoker cum GrillvidaXL Charcoal Smoker2 Smoking ChambersCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal Smoker & GrillBroil King Charcoal SmokerTraditional Offset SmokerCheck Price On Amazon
Charcoal Smoker VerticalNapolean Charcoal Smoker3-in-1 SmokerCheck Price On Amazon

Best Charcoal Smoker -Quick Reviews & Guide

#1 Everdure by Heston Blumenthal - Electric Ignition Charcoal Smoker

External Body: Seamless die cast aluminum outer body
Temperature Range: F 230-725 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cooking Area: 21” inch grilling surface
Special Feature: Bluetooth Connectivity.

Features :

1.Seamless Design: The seamless die-cast aluminium outer body is Heat and UV Protected. It is cold to touch from outside and therefore safe to have children and pets around.

2.Included Accessories: The accessories which are included are 2 x matte vitreous enamel grills; 2 x 304 grade stainless steel grills; a 12.99 in cordite pizza stone / heat deflector; water container; internal light; grill tongs; and charcoal tongs.

3.Air Flow Control: The Airflow control of the Smoker is very Uniquely designed. The 4K system makes increasing and decreasing of heat an interesting combination. The top and bottom vents are precisely numbered for a responsive and Balanced air flow.

4.Versatile: The Charcoal Smoker is very versatile. You can do Low and slow/smoking, Convection/roasting,open/direct grilling and can make a Pizza or do high heat baking.

5.Innovative Technology: The Innovative Technology allows flawless grilling results with touch glass controlled Fast Flame Ignition, Oven and Food temperature display, and internal lights for night cooking.

6.Continuous display : The Led display system gives a real time display of Inside temperature. It comes with 2 discreet probes in the hood and 4 removable probes internally, for monitoring.

7.Touch Screen LED : The Led digital control panel allows you to easily control all the functions of the 4K. It has Bluetooth connectivity (IOS and Android), Timer function,Ignition countdown, Oven and food temperature display. The temperature settings can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit .

7.Safety Features: The unique Safety features are an Auto locking hood, Unique BBQ-to-stand locking mechanism.

  • Ignition countdown.
  • Auto locking hood and Unique BBQ-to-stand locking mechanism
  • Bluetooth connectivity (IOS and Android)
  • Fuel/wood chips side reloader.
  • The leftover ash and Charcoal have to be cleaned after use.
  • The Charcoal packs are a recurring cost every time you operate.

#2. Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker, -With Side Tables

Dimension:28 x 21 x 27.5 inches without outer tray.
Weight: 200 pounds
Cooking Area:400-square-inch cooking area
Special Feature:Dual zone cooking.

Features :

1.Patented Shape: The Smoker has a patented oval shape.It gives a high level of cooking Flexibility. This shape creates an extremely efficient cooking area that gives easier accessibility to food. It can easily accommodate food like steaks, sausages, large roasts, ribs and whole chickens. The Oval Shape makes it easier to Grill, bake, roast or smoke more food at one time.

2.Exterior Body: The exterior of the body has a premium grade ceramic blend coated with a protective lead free porcelain glaze which is scratch resistant. The ceramic used is of highest quality for increasing efficiency and durability.

3.Large Cooking Area: The Oval XL 400 Smoker has an extra-large 400-square-inch cooking area and with the optional racking system you can get up to 680 square inches- which is a considerable large space for Barbeque.

4.FireBox Divider: A unique fire box divider adds to the space making your grill more versatile.

5.Grill Cart: The included grill cart with stainless steel side shelves offers an added convenience and storage to help you get the most out of your grilling sessions.

6.Warranty: There is a warranty of 5 years on all metal parts and 1 year on all cast iron parts.

  • Kamado grill
  • Premium ceramic construction for consistent performance and durable design
  • Unique Oval design allows multiple cooking.
  • A steel cart with 2-piece stainless steel side tables is included
  • The necessary accessories like the Grate Lifter are not included.
  • The exterior is prone to rusting after few years if not maintained.

Dimension: 12 x 54 x 43 inches.
Weight: 91 pounds
Cooking Area: 400-square-inch cooking area
Special Feature: Two zone cooking.

Features :

1.Beautiful Design: The PK Charcoal Smoker has been beautifully designed with a simple pedestal stan,expansive work space, and user friendly air intakes makes it a must have appliance for a household.

2.Highly Durable construction: This PK 360 Charcoal Smokers made from cast Aluminium and as such is much more durable than the porcelain ones. It doesn’t rust easily like the steel ones.It can be a once in a life time purchase.

3.Efficient Temperature Management: The combination of the thick cast Aluminium and 4 point ventilation system results in a very Heat efficient cooking chamber with easy 2 zone setup and more control than the average 2 vent grill.

4.Two Zone Cooking: The Smoker is ideal for both direct and indirect cooking. The 4 point venting system provides an exceptional air flow inside and an unique capsule shape makes it easy to cook whatever you want easily.

5.4 point Venting System: A patented 4 point venting system is revolutionary in precision air control.It gives an exceptional air control inside the grill capsule.

6.Unique Shelves: The Smoker comes with unique black durabilium ™ shelves which are made from a high-end, engineered glass-fiber reinforced polyester material that is highly heat resistant and super durable. The shelves are removable and stowable on integrated side hooks.

7.Simple Ash Control: The leftover ash can be swept out through the ash hole in the bucket which hangs from the rear stabilizer hooks

  • Simple Ash Clean out
  • 4 point air flow system for precise air control
  • Ideal for direct and Indirect cooking
  • The smoker is portable and can be taken anywhere outside on trips
  • The shelves have to be removed to replenish the fuel.
  • The grease at the bottom is difficult to clean.

# 4.Backwoods Chubby 3400 Outdoor -Charcoal Smoker

Dimension:33 x 24 x 23 inches
Weight: 148 pounds
Cooking Area: 17x13x16 inch of cooking area
Special Feature: Reverse Flow design.


1.Insulated Exteriors: The Charcoal Smoker has a well insulated exterior of 1 inch thickness to retain the heat. This fully insulated chamder makes the unit fuel efficient and safe. The standard Black doors have a slam latches. There is a pre drilled Casterbolt hole pattern at the bottom of the 3 inch feet for added stability during the cooking process.

2.Stainless Steel Cooking Chamber: The interior cooking chamber is made of stainless steel and has a dimension of 17′′ deep 13′′ tall 16′′ wide.

3.Removable Shelves: The Unit comes with 4 removable racks which are adjusted 3” apart.the size of these racks are 16.5×15.5 and ⅛ inch thick. The racks are Nickel plated round Bars.There is an extra slider for adjustment of Rack heights. The unit also has removable stainless steel water Pan.

4.Temperature Range: The cooking temperature ranges between 180 to 300 degrees. A wide range of Meats as 8 slabs of baby back ribs, 2 to 3 briskets, or 2 to 4 Boston Butts takes about 6 to 10 hours of cooking time based on the temperature at which they are cooked.

5.Economical: This Charcoal has been designed to be fuel efficient,with slow and low cooking right in your own backyard without being expensive.

6.Accessories: The Smoker comes with an option of buying additional accessories like Casters and Cover.

  • Proven reverse flow (double wall) design
  • Fully insulated for fuel efficiency and safety
  • Stainless steel cooking chamber
  • Powder coated exterior box for longer protection
  • There is no means of removing the ash from the bottom.
  • It requires replenishing with Charcoal thus a recurring cost.

#5. vidaXL Steel Portable Backyard -Charcoal Smoker

Dimension: 68″ x 25.6″ x 52.4″ inches.
Weight: 91 pounds
Cooking Area: 2 cooking area of 11.8″ x 24″ (Diameter x L)
Special Feature: Two Smoking Chamber

Features :

1.Combination Design: The vida xl charcoal Smoker is a combination of Smoker and traditional barbecue. You can easily roast smoke and grill within its spacious chamber.It has wheels at the Bottom for easy mobility.

2.2-Smoking Chamber : The Smoker has two smoking chambers. You can prepare Meat, fish, vegetables,pizza and even Bread within the Smoker. The dishes can be cooked easily at low temperature to ensure that they remain juicy and delicious.

3.Keep Warm Function: If you are cooking in only one way then the separate fire box can be used to maintain the heat of the food you have already barbecued before.

4.Removable Racks: There are two removable rack shelves of 22.8″ x 12.6″ Dimension. In addition you have an additional rack shelf to store some extra wood at the bottom.

5.Temperature Display: A temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature within the smoker. The Fuel Used are charcoal and briquettes.

  • Combination design of smoker and grill
  • 2-Smoking Chambers for cooking
  • Built in thermometer gauge to monitor the temperature.
  • Adjustable air In takes.
  • There is no outlet for easy ash removal.
  • Accessories like caster and cover are not included.

# 6. Broil King Smoke Grill - Black -Charcoal Smoker

Dimension: 38 x 26 x 52.5 inches.
Weight:150 pounds
Cooking Area: 584 inches
Special Feature: Traditional Offset Smoker

Features :

1.Offset Smoker: This Smoker has been traditionally styled in Southern style. The grill has been crafted with 2mm/14 gauge steel that retains heat during the cooking process. The Smoker comes with convenient tool hooks to keep tongs, turners and grill brushes close at hand.

2.Roto-Draft Dampers for Temperature Control: Fully adjustable cast Aluminium dampers regulate the air flow throughout the cooking chambers allowing for precise temperature control.

3.Inside Chamber: The Cooking Chamber is made from 2 mm/14 gauge steel and coated with a premium high heat paint that retains the heat and gives a long lasting durability.

4.Removable Shelf: The large spacious chamber comes with a heavy cast iron cooking Grids that are perfect for food preparation and large cuts of meat can be moved on and off the grill easily.

5.Ash Trays: A durable Ash Tray made of Stainless Steel can be accessed easily from both sides of the grill.

  • Cast iron cooking grids.
  • Roto-Draft dampers to regular temperature
  • Precision temperature control
  • Two crack-proof all weather wheels.
  • There is no outlet for easy ash removal.
  • Accessories like caster and cover are not included.

# 7.Napoleon Grills Apollo 200 -Charcoal Smoker

Dimension: 17 x 17 x 41 inches inches.
Weight: 27 pounds
Cooking Area: The grill is 16 inch in Diameter
Special Feature: 3-in-1 Charcoal Smoker cum Grill.

Features :

1.3-in – 1 Smoking: The Napolean Smoker cum grill is an excellent portable charcoal Smoker and Grill, no backyard chef’s grilling arsenal is complete without the Apollo Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker. When you want to use it as a Smoker just Stack to a full height and remove the chamber to use it as a portable charcoal grill. 

2.Air Vents for temperature control: The temperature in the grill and smoker can be easily controlled by using the sliding air vents on the top and bottom of the unit.

3.Accu-Probe Temperature Gauge : The ACCU_PROBE temperature guage monitior the temperature. The rust free air vents keep an eye on the interior temperature, while eyelets monitor the temperature in the different chambers as well. 

4.Easy Refueling: Adding more charcoal and wood chips is done with the convenient, easy access doors. The charcoal basket elevates the charcoal out of the bowl giving even heating and grilling options. Spread the charcoal out and throw some wood chips or pellets on for excellent smoking. An indirect heat can be created by piling the coals on one side or in a ring around the edge of the basket for grilling.

5.Portable Smoker: The portable charcoal grill is perfect for a day at the beach or camping. It can fit up to 12 four-inch hamburgers on a single cooking grid. While it is small enough to take anywhere with you, yet big enough to feed a crowd. It can easily be kept in your backyard for a family or friends cookout. 

6.Maximise Space: The Charcoal Grill And Water Smoker is versatile and can be expanded to do large batches by using both tiers of the smoker. If you are smoking a variety of items like Ribs, pork shoulder, bacon, chicken and some fish just hang long items, like sausages and whole fish, from the meat hooks in the lid. Or layer the cooking grids inside the chambers for space .

  • 3 in 1 grill - 16 inches in diameter
  • Multiple chambers
  • Heavy gauge Black porcelain lid and bowl
  • Multiple vents.
  • There is no outlet for easy ash removal.
  • Accessories like caster and cover are not included.

Handy Tips To Smoke With Your Charcoal Smoker:

Managing Temperature On A Charcoal Smoker

This is an important part of Smoking of Meat. You first need to set up correctly. First fill firebox with unlit charcoal then fire up a small number of briquettes, allow them to ash over for about 15 minutes and then spread them over the top of the unlit coals. This will enable the coals to get lit and burn slowly thereof igniting the coals below them slowly thus giving many hours of slow and steady temperature.

Once the Smoker has been set up the temperature can be adjusted by opening and closing the intake dampers. Do not make too many adjustments to the vents, you can even keep the partially open for a plenty of oxygen for a clean burning fire.

Charcoal Smoker: Maintenance

Cleaning the Cooking Chamber: The cooking chamber should be cleaned immediately after use so that there is no build up of layer of crustiness. The best thing to use is a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the bits after scraping them off with a plastic putty knife. You can even use a wire brush and dish washing liquid to it a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Grill Grates: This should be done after each cooking.As the Black Charcoal of the previous cookout will will stick to the food and make it taste bitter.You can start by letting the charcoal burn itself out, thus smoking off any residual food left on the grates. After this, scrape the grates with a scraper or a wire brush. 

Disposing of Ashes: The Ashes in the grate attract moisture that will result in the rusting of the interiors. But before cleaning the ashes make sure that it has cooled down completely. Just scrape it and dispose it in a metal bin.

Conclusion :

Ideally Charcoal Smoker are still the most popularly used Smoker by the connoisseurs of the Barbecued food. The flavor that the Burning of Charcoal imparts to the food has no competition. The delicious aroma of the smoke and cooking meat fills the air and gives mouthwatering taste.

The Best Charcoal Smoker takes you through these traditional journeys with the distinct features of these Charcoal Smokers. The Modern counterpart come with a temperature regulator,and even a Bluetooth connectivity. If you are looking for a more modern Smoker you can browse through our Best Pellet Smoker review and Best Electric Smoker review to get a comprehensive aspects of the variety of Smoker before making a final Selection. 

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